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Yinghao Science and Technology is located in Changzhou Science and Education City. We customize synthetic pharmaceutical intermediates and organic compounds. This product is mainly used in pharmaceutical companies, research institutes and University laboratories. Packing information:g-kgs;Product Inspection Method:H-NMR/HPLC/GC, etc.LimitNum:1Gram; Conventional reactions:redox reaction, diazotization reaction, Schiemann reaction, coupling reaction, Friedel-Calcylation reaction, Amii trifluoromethylation reaction, Appel reaction, pyridine synthesis, pyrimidine synthesis, hydrazine synthesis, pyrrole synthesis, Quinoline synthesis, pyrazole synthesis, carbazole synthesis, cyclization reaction, rearrangement reaction, etc.; 2.Reaction conditions:reaction temperature:-78℃-200℃;pressure ≤ 10mpa; 3.Equipment:double-layer glass reactor:20L, 30L and 50L;high-pressure stainless steel hydrogenator: 0.5L,2L,5L;rotary evaporator:1L,5L, 20L,50L;50L,1000L glass-lined reactor:1;50L to 1000L stainless steel reactor:1;vacuum oven:1,etc.; The company always pursues "high quality, high efficiency", perfect testing equipment, we have a professional testing team, product methods: NMR, GC-MS, LC-MS, HPLC, GC and other testing. The products are tested by the above methods to ensure the quality of products out of warehouse, timely delivery to customers, to ensure that customers save time and worry. Service tenet: quality first, integrity-based, realistic and pragmatic, dedicated service, so that you are satisfied!
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