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Major Capacity

Capacity: For the customer's demand for grade-kg products, we have corresponding laboratory research and development, and pilot plant production. We have corresponding factory arrangements for production of products of 100 kg and tonnage;

Reaction conditions: temperature -78 ° C -200 ° C; pressure ≤ 10mpa;

Conventional reactions: redox reaction, diazotization reaction, Schiemann reaction, coupling reaction, Friedel-Calcylation reaction, Amii trifluoromethylation reaction, Appel reaction, pyridine synthesis, pyrimidine synthesis, hydrazine synthesis, pyrrole synthesis, quinoline Synthesis, pyrazole synthesis, carbazole synthesis, cyclization reaction, rearrangement reaction, etc.

Customized business: We offer a variety of chemical custom synthesis services. The bioactive heterocyclic structural compound is synthesized by the total synthesis of the intermediate, the synthetic building block, the reference compound and the natural product, and the target product having a weight ranging from milligrams to kilograms is synthesized. We have successfully completed a large number of custom synthesis orders on time. These orders involve dozens of reaction types such as chiral synthesis and resolution, oxidation, reduction, condensation, nitrosation, bromination, etc.; Harsh processes such as oxygen-free environment, ultra-low temperature environment and highly corrosive environment.

First, the custom synthesis advantages:
1. Leading technology, experienced and pioneering professional R&D team.
2, a sound quality management system, in strict accordance with the ISO9001: 2008 guidelines and innovation.
3. Professional project management talents and perfect project management system.
4. Customized production tailored to help customers reduce capital and time costs.

We will meet the following requirements in the custom synthesis business: rapid response; price concessions; quality assurance; timely delivery; detailed data; customer satisfaction.

Second, the documents available in the custom synthesis:
Synthesis records (synthetic raw records, TLC maps, etc.), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC), mass spectrometry (MS), nuclear magnetic analysis (NMR), and the like.

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